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German National Championships 2017

Congratulations to Sönke and Anna using the Karakal CM85.

Both the ladies and mens titles were dominated by the Karakal CM 85 on it's first appearance.

New markets: We have sent the first Karakal rackets to South Korea and Japan and a number of top senior players have changed and are enjoying the game even more. In particular we are receiving letters of thanks from players who are no longer suffering from arm and shoulder problems.


The new Karakal CM 85 Crossminton racket is the LIGHTEST Crossminton racket in the world.

The company Karakal has been producing rackets (Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Racketball and Table Tennis) since 1978 and the continual improvement and development using the latest technology and materials “Designed in the UK” has resulted in a sophisticated new product suitable for all standards of play.
Comfortable to hold … Nano Carbon Gel One-piece-Construction is extremely easy to handle and this “ultra lite” racket is engineered to give you advantages.
Lighter- Fast Fibre is a new generation material and is different to the conventional graphite layups. With a frame weight of 85 grams and a total weight 125 grams (strung) improves manoeuvrability and is the absolute lightweight racket.

Faster more power – why? The racket returns to shape after the shot has been played, 10% faster than the conventional layups, this results in more power with less effort.

The aerodynamic open throat or “tear drop” shape of the racket head generates more power and the longer parallelogram main strings increase the trampoline effect, giving you a faster response and more power.

Stronger- the Karakal patent Nano Resin Gel and Fast Fibre graphene layups is used for example on millions of Karakal Squash rackets where permanent wall contact is part of the game. Crossminton players now have the opportunity of benefitting from the new technological evolution.

 Photography: Antonia Murray

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When designing the racket our main considerations were to fulfill the following aspects:
  • Relief for players who have shoulder, elbow or wrist problems by producing a racket with minimal weight.
  • The CM 85 is produced and supplied with a balance point (BP) of 319mm. Depending on player’s preferred grip size, the BP lies between 310 and 319 mm enabling an extremely fast swing which is converted into velocity.
  • Players that prefer an aggressive style of play and put pressure on opponents need less time to prepare their racket and this promotes a quicker attack.

The racket length 605mm, head size 455 sq. cm. is supplied with Nano 125 gauge string with the recommended 16-14 kgs tension.

Children and youngsters will find it easy to hold the racket and improve their technical skills at an early stage and enjoy the game even more – the total racket weight of 125 grams make this possible! This completely new racket is an all-rounder for everyone.




Crossminton World Championships 2017

This wonderful event with all its flair and with the large number of nations taking part is undoubtedly something to remember.

Many top players also saw the CM 85 in action for the first time and after the success in the world doubles championships we have been receiving more enquiries and purchase orders for the Karakal CM85 from all age groups.

Well done guys.

Picture: The mens worlds number 1 ranked player in singles and doubles Sönke Kaatz (right) after winning the doubles World Championships together with his partner Robin Joop.



For crossminton clubs outside Germany which have not been able to test the Karakal racket - please enquire about a tester. The annual National German Doubles Championships was held in Munich in October. Karakal players had the edge, Sönke winning the mixed event together with Anna as well as the mens doubles with Robin.